A Day in the Life – Homeschooling, Single Mom, Entrepreneur

(This post was originally published on my personal blog in January, 2014. Lots has changed since then. Two of my children have graduated from high school and my two youngest began public school this year.)

People ask me all the time…

  • How do you do it? Or better yet, why do you do it?
  • Why do you homeschool your kids when you are the sole provider for them? 
  • Why do you foster/adopt more kids when your life is already so busy with homeschooling and work?
  • Why do you work from home, probably making a lot less than you would in the corporate world?

justen presents a projectThe answer to most of those is easy. In my heart being a homeschooling mom is the center of my world.  Being mom and teaching them is the reason I get up every single day.

In 2006, I tried out being a stay at home mom for a few months, I needed more. I needed to work.

I adore my job, my business and my clients. Being a a mompreneur who can always 1) put my kids first and 2) say no to clients that are not a good fit is my dream job come true!

Daily Schedule

With four kids, I thought I’d give a glimpse of a day in the life of my crazy wonderful life.


9am – Get up and enjoy the quiet.  The kids will sleep about another hour and then trickle out.  During this quiet time I get a lot done!

  • I let the dogs out.
  • Feed them and myself.
  • Review my to do list.
  • Spend some quiet time with God and counting my blessings.
  • Quick check of work email to make sure there are no crisis that I need to respond to quickly.
  • Get a meal plan started for the day.
  • Clean the kitchen. (I’m too tired to do it at night.)

rhi presents her project10am – I start waking the kids as needed and get them organized for their school day. Help them set priorities and think through what they have that day and the next to prepare.

Those that eat breakfast feed themselves but most of them don’t unless I cooked bacon during my quiet time.

Then I turn my head towards work.

11am – I hole up in my room, in front of my computer and completely zone out.  Depending on the day, I have any number of tasks for any number of clients. As the queen of multi-tasking, I get things done right and on time.

If a kiddo happens to pop in, they are typically shooed out pretty quickly, but on occasion I can stop for a few minutes and help them.


cade presents project12pm – One of the kids is always responsible for lunch. They will typically bring it to me at my desk unless I can get away and go join them at the table.

All of them are great cooks and very inventive in the kitchen.

1pm – I am ready for a break from work so the kids and I gather for any project presentations or school discussions that need to happen. Otherwise, I am available to help with any assignments that kiddos are struggling with.  If no one needs help, then I piddle with household stuff, cleaning or even just return to work.

hannah presents project 3pm – I am typically back at work for the next two hours and the kids are free unless they are working independently on a project or assignment.

5pm – Kids activities start so I put down my mouse and pick up the car keys and start my chauffeuring duties: gymnastics, tae kwon do, piano, basketball, etc.

Everyone’s schedule is on a shared calendar which we share on our iPad’s. The kids and I always know where each other are and what time we will be done.


7:30pm – We are typically sitting down to eat, whoever is home based on activities. Then I have some down time while the kids do their house chores.

10pm – Electronics go off and kids to their rooms. They don’ t have to go to sleep, but they must be quiet and no screens.  They read, draw, sing and occasionally burst out in arguments and/or laughter.

I return to my desk and buckle down for several more hours of uninterrupted work.

That is a day in the life of our homeschooling, home based working life.  We have time for everything we need to get done and are able to make time for lots of things we want.  We are so blessed!

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