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Public Speaking is Scary

Speaking in front of a crowd can be stressful. In fact, public speaking is scary! Whether you’re delivering a presentation to your boss, leading a meeting, or even giving a speech at your best friend’s wedding, it’s normal to get a bit of stage fright. Here are some tips to get the butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation:

The Week Before

Highlight the most important words in your presentation and add some deliberate gestures. You can make your point stronger and remember what to say through muscle memory!

spread your arms

For example: If you want to highlight that your organization is “Spreading to locations around the globe,” spread your arms out wide to symbolize your reach.

The Day Before

Visualize yourself giving the presentation- perfectly. Our mind is trained to repeat the things we tell ourselves, but doesn’t know how to tell “yes” from “no”. So if you say, “Don’t forget your words.” Guess what your brain hears? Forget ‘em. Instead, keep it positive.

Say things like: “Breathe, Smile, Begin.” To get your head in the right place and be ready to rock the stage.

The Moment Before

Your stress will probably be manifesting itself as nervous energy in your body. To release some of the tension, try this exercise: Standing tall, tense up your whole body. Curl your toes, ball your fists, and shrug your shoulders up to your ears. Take a deep breath in. Then, when your exhale, release all of that tension as well. Ah…. Doesn’t that feel better?

It’s normal to be nervous before giving a speech. With these tips, you can move past the nerves and fall in love with your presentation!

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Hope’s Two Cents

As an introvert, I absolutely typically terrified presenting. But with the right guidance and coaching, I have become pretty adept at it. Whether you are standing up and giving a Powerpoint presentation to your co-workers or corporate audience, or preparing for a job interview or year end review, the coaches at Cool Beans Coaching are amazing! I encourage you to check them out!