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Surround Yourself with the Right Team

You do not need two starters who play the same position.

Think about that for a minute. During the rush of the day, many of us wish we could clone ourselves in order to get more things done, more efficiently. Rather than surround yourself with the right team, you try to do it all.

You wear ourselves out, you mess up, you fall down because you don’t have the expertise to handle certain business aspects. Now don’t let this hurt your pride, you are brilliant, you are an expert in your field, but let’s face it, there just aren’t that many “know it alls” who really know it all. When you attempt to save money or avoid the hassle or insecurity of delegating, things fall through the cracks or get done poorly.

Hire a Team

This is the ultimate goal of a virtual assistant. A VA can bolster your weakness, give you back time where you are crunched and are experts on the back end of your business. The expertise provided by a VA varies from assistant to assistant. As do the work flows, industries they support and personalities.

And the reality is, a clone is not going to do the trick. What an effective and successful business owner needs is the right team around them. A team filled with players who are strong where others are weak, who have their own niche and expertise, who can do what the business owner cannot. (Or perhaps I should say, what the business owner should not do.)

You can find virtual assistants who specialize in all of the key business aspects from finance to sales, from marketing to systems. There are no limits to the things you can outsource.

But when you surround yourself with the right team to support your business as it grows and expands…well, you can’t go wrong there! So block off some time to make a list…of the things you don’t want to do, the things you have no idea how to do and frankly, the things you shouldn’t do. And then spend some time searching for the right team…

Site like Upwork and Guru are a great place to start in looking for help. Or ask your social and business networks. I promise you are not the only one struggling with these tasks and gaining control of your time.

Why You Need a Website

More and more I hear, “Why do I need a website?Small businesses have Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, they are tweeting on Twitter and networking on LinkedIn…why is a website important if they are everywhere else online?

Let’s talk about this…what the the top reasons and goals of having a website.

Position Yourself as an Expert

First, a website allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field. You can do this by publishing a portfolio of your work, testimonials from previous customers and highlighting your achievements in the About Me section. In addition, it gives you a platform to share your knowledge in the form of blog posts.

Connect with Clients

Second, building relationships with your clients is important. Remember, people buy from people! Using your website to start a conversation with a potential client is powerful. It’s all about the conversation, not the presentation in the end.

Allowing comments on your blogs, engaging with visitors and speaking directly to their challenges and dreams with your publications is a great way to connect.

Stay in Touch

Lastly, a website is a great way for your prospects and current clients to stay in touch with you. They can join your mailing list, sign up for alerts for new products and services and know your “home” on the internet where they find you.

Yes, social media is great. But in the end, you do not own your social media accounts or control how the information is accessed or disseminated. You do have that control on your website.

We’ve all experienced days when our social media accounts were inaccessible or broken…ever been put in “Facebook jail?” It’s a scary thing when you business is dependent on channels you don’t own.

There is no time like the present to set up your website on the internet. And I would love to help you!

Why Graphics are Important

I was speaking with a very successful blogger today. We were talking about how much the blogging world has changed in the last 10 years.

When he started, you wrote about what you knew. You published it and people would come. You were automatically an expert.

Now you have to consider keyword research, SEO and how attractive your work is. Graphics count!

Why Graphics are Important

  • The statistics tell us – design sells!
  • Whether you agree or not, a solid web design translates into strong consumer trust. It’s all about establishing your expertise.
  • The perception of your product is altered by your package design.
  • Good design makes your product memorable.
  • Making your design user-friendly means more traffic and more interaction.
  • A good design helps you appeal to your target market.
  • Your design can set you apart from the crowd. In a world of average, stand out.
  • And remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression!

tools for graphic design

Free Tools to Create Graphics

Thankfully, everyone can be a graphic designer now. With the abundance of free and low cost tools available online. You can create your own branded look, your own social media graphics and you can do it on the go.

Some of my favorite tools are:

Teach Yourself Graphic Design

And if jumping right in to creating your own graphics is too daunting. There are lots of free online courses that can help hone your design talents.

These are some of the best free graphic design courses to help you learn about the the foundations of typography, color and essential graphic design software:

Many virtual assistants are skilled graphic designers or have a designer on speed dial. If you taking care of your own graphics is not in your wheelhouse, graphic design for your blog, social media and more is a great task to pass off your VA!

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant (VA) is the modern age Girl Friday, only limited by their skills and a the employers needs. Hiring the right VA can be a game changer for a small business.

This is especially true for businesses who rely heavily on technology but don’t have the need or budget for a full time IT department. Or a solopreneur who needs part time help or occasional help.

How can a VA help you?

Time Sucking Tasks

VA skills vary from person to person, but in general, most virtual assistants could handle tasks such as:

  • Research for a project?
  • Sifting through the hundreds of emails you receive a day to find those you need to respond to?
  • Book appointments or make travel arrangements?
  • Or scan files, organize and notate them for follow-up?

A better question is, did you know all of the above tasks can be done by a virtual assistant on an as needed basis? A VA is literally just an email, text or call away from getting started.

Hire for Expertise

In addition to typical secretarial tasks, many VAs specialize in high tech or specialty skills. You can hire a VA to:

  • Write and manage your blog including SEO.
  • Update your website.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Project Management.
  • And so much more.

Save Money

Having a VA on call saves you money. In addition to not having to keep a full time employee on stand by to handle these tasks. You save on equipment, office space, benefits and general downtime.

Any start-up knows the term bootstrapping, hiring a talented VA can be one of the best cost savings measures. A VA can bring expertise to the table that you might not otherwise be able to afford.

Virtual assistants offer competitive hourly rates or better yet weekly or monthly packages on retainer.

Try out a VA service today. Find the right fit for your company, needs, personality.

What’s the worst that can happen?