Recommended Technology for Startups

Implementing an idea for a startup business not only requires mastering several aspects of business, space to work and a great deal of time and thought, but technology for facilitating workflow. Here is a list of recommended technology to address every aspect of business.

Emerging startups worldwide use similar essentials to get started. The following is a list of suggested technologies young entrepreneurs can use for automating business process without breaking the bank.

Managing Finances

  • Microsoft Office Suite is truly an amazing software package comprising of a number of remarkable tools for maintaining a smooth workflow. It has everything you will need for preparing business reports, designing slides for presentation, calculating cash flow, sending emails and designing brochures. In fact, Microsoft Office contains everything a business needs. If an entrepreneur can only afford one software package, this is the one.
  • Quickbooks another exceptional software for managing the finances of your business. It enables users to easily track income and expense as well as directly import related banking information into the software from Excel spreadsheet or from the online banking interface where available. Moreover, you can formulate invoices and receipts. Quickbooks inventory management feature is an added functionality startup businesses can utilize where needed.

Time Management

  • WrikeTime is money; therefore, every employee working for a startup must be able to complete their designated tasks in due time. The software allows team members to collaborate their ideas and expertise for successfully completing projects. This also raises their work output.
    The time tracking functionality of Wrike enables employees to include their time entries for various projects.
  • Time Doctor A startup using this software can conveniently monitor the time spent by the employees on every project they are involved with. As a result, payroll can be made accordingly depending on the amount of work and time spent by each employee on various projects. The data remains encrypted ensuring users’ privacy.

Marketing Software

  • MailChimpallows an entrepreneur to craft personalized emails for their subscribers to stay connected. This software is perhaps one of the most efficient marketing tools for businesses having less than 500,000 email addresses of subscribers, and it’s free to use.
  • Hootsuiteused for managing campaigns and interacting and generating engagement on social media. Hootsuite can save a lot of time when managing multiple social media platforms. It is used to post updates, connect with subscribers and generate social media analytics at an affordable price tag.

Project Management

  • Aha a great tool for newly emerging businesses to create a roadmap before launching products or services in the market. Young entrepreneurs can set goals and vision for the company, formulate a business model and inspect competitors in the same industry. Aha offers a 30-day trial and has a specialized plan for startups.
  • Teamworkthe name says everything. Teamwork offers a combination of three different tools: project management, customer management and a chat log for a team to communicate with each other. Its central file management feature has proven to be outstanding for sharing files and attachments through its cloud-based structure. Packages start at $24month.

While this list is not exhaustive, it does provide a good jumping off point for new entrepreneurs and startups. Many of these options are available for free or at minimal costs.

Using technology can not only automate many of the back-end processes but also add significant value for the business owner.

EPOH LLC is happy to support entrepreneurs and small businesses in automating and systematizing their business processes.


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