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It’s Okay to Dream Big and Plan Backwards

It wasn’t too long ago that I watched a video training course by a random online marketer. And I loved her visual planning method…plan it backwards.

She took one of those cheap desk size calendars you can purchase at any office supply store and hung them on her wall. Each month laid out, ready to be written on.

She then used sticky post it notes and planned her quarter…but she didn’t work from the present time. She worked backward from her big goals!

It made complete sense. And more importantly, it took into consideration not just her life/work balance as far as big events on the calendar, but also her finances. She used the BIG ROCK items to plan both her scheduling strategy, but also her pricing schedule.

With this method, she was able to consider all aspects and adjust as new things came up:

  • Early bird pricing.
  • Special offers.
  • Minimum and maximum participants.
  • Upsells.
  • Drip campaigns.
  • Big events and deadlines.

All of this was on her calendar in brightly colored, categorized post its. Easily adjustable as she worked through her plan with the end goal in site.

For a visual learner and planner like myself, it was magic!

Have you begun planning for your new year, your next big adventure or product launch or even for what your future looks like? Considering all of that, looking at the big picture…what a fantastic way to kick your business into high gear and go after all your dreams!

As a detail person, I can help. Share your vision with me and let me help fill in the details. I can help create task lists, manage your team and even provide regular status updates.