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Finding Your Ideal Client

Almost every business training I’ve attended over the last few years begins with an emphasis on determining your ideal client, your target audience. Once you have that client in your mind…you create your marketing plan, your products and you go for it.

But the process of defining your ideal client can take on many forms. And frankly, can be very frustrating. Like bang your head against the wall frustrating!

know your target audience

Everyone offers a different checklist, a different method and a different format. But I like Jasmine Star‘s the best. Her focus is on building a relationship, making a connection with the people behind the business. and this really resonates with me as a service provider.

Profiling Your Ideal Client

In a nutshell, she encourages you to speak of your ideal client as a real person:

  • Name them.
  • Recognize their hobbies and interests.
  • Find out where they shop, where they live.
  • What are their dreams, their goals.
  • How old are they, what does their family look like.
  • Seriously, write a whole profile on them.

And then after that, you create your marketing plan as if you are speaking directly to them. Talk to them as if they are your best friend. Address their needs, their goals. Build a relationship with them. Be vulnerable, be real.

Tell them why they need your product or services. Tell them who you are and why they should trust you. Never stop learning about them. And growing with them.

This is relationship marketing…this is why you need to know who your target audience is, who your ideal client is. And it worth the time and effort, even the headache to figure it out!

So tell me…do you know who your ideal client is? And are you ready to set up a targeted marketing campaign using social media, email campaigns and more? Do you need help?

So You need a Sales Funnel?

Click Funnel, Sales Funnel, Email Marketing, Free Giveaways, Establish your expertise, relationship marketing, storytelling…these buzzwords are floating around the small business world like they have recently been invented. And entrepreneurs are scrambling to jump on the bandwagon made by marketers, made household names.

But don’t get confused, there is a true strategy when establishing your marketing funnel for lead generation or product sales. So before you hire the latest hot shot developer to create your million dollar funnel, think through your strategy. I hope this guide helps get you started in the right direction!


When considering a sales funnel, we must first be clear on the ultimate goal…what is the end goal of the funnel?

  1. Are you giving something away?
  2. Wanting to grow your mailing list?
  3. Selling a product?
  4. How do you plan to catch your consumer’s attention?
  5. What’s the first touch point to bringing consumers into this funnel? It might be a Facebook post, Google search, Instagram hashtag or something else entirely.

Ultimately, your prospect becomes aware of your business and what you offer.

Now tell us, what kind of awareness do you want to achieve with your funnel?


When consumers reach the interest stage in the sales funnel, they’re doing research, comparison shopping and thinking over their options. This is the time to swoop in with incredible content that helps them but does not sell to them.

If you’re pushing your product or service from the beginning, you’ll turn off prospects and chase them away. The goal here is to establish your expertise, help the consumer make an informed decision and offer to help them in any way you can.

Need imagery and content for developing interest.


The decision stage of the sales funnel is when the customer is ready to buy. They might be comparison shopping and considering you in conjunction with alternative products.

This is the where you make your best offer. It could be free shipping when most of your competition charges, a discount code, or a bonus product. Whatever the case, make it so irresistible that your lead can’t wait to take advantage of it.

What special will you offer in your funnel? Registration for a newsletter, free training session or alternative report, etc.


At the very bottom of the sales funnel, the customer acts. He or she purchases your product or service and becomes part of your business’s ecosystem.

Just because a consumer reaches the bottom of the funnel, it doesn’t mean your work is done. You want to turn this first interaction into many more. And that requires consistency, authenticity and continued communication.

In other words, you’re focusing on customer retention. Statistics show that someone will be on your mailing list for at least a year before purchasing. And many times, people buy from whomever is in front of them.

Strategies you can implement and must plan for include but are not limited to expressing gratitude for their initial interaction, inviting feedback and making yourself available. You must create a follow up plan as you create and launch your funnel.

What is your plan for a continued drip campaign to stay in touch?