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Sharing Your Story on Social Media

I have noticed a trend on social media ads that makes me uncomfortable. And I don’t know if I’m uncomfortable because I can relate so much to the ads or because of how I was always taught to keep your private life private. Do you share your story on social media for marketing purposes?

Do you know what I’m referring too? Or do these targeted ads only show on my feed?

Overcomer Ads

They are the ads of the fresh faced women. They all have some sort of sob story such as “almost homeless,” “down to my last dime,” and so on. And then some how amazingly, they make tens of thousands of dollars and they want to teach you how.

i am a winnter
In all of my training, it was drilled into me that discussing “personal” matters, ie family was forbidden during job interviews and work meetings.

It seems that today, the opposite is true. People flaunt their “overcomer” stories. They use their tragedies to advertise their services.

What are your thoughts on this new trend? Do you bring up your family during the interview process? Do you think using your failures and triumphs to market your business is effective?