The Importance of Sacred Time

When I first heard the term “sacred time,” I thought it must be some religious practice. A custom similar to prayer rituals or meditation. But sacred time is not that at all. Sacred time is a block of time that you protect like it’s your child.

It’s set by you and for you. And you can set it for whatever your greatest need is. It’s a time for just you. Not lunch appointments, kids demands or even mindless TV watching. It’s a productive block of time that you designate.

And it is a life changing practice!

Sacred Time Guidelines

First, off everyone’s sacred time looks different. It feels different. And it serves a very specific and unique purpose for each participant. So these are just guidelines from someone who has been playing with these elements in my own sacred time for a while.

  • Put it on your calendar – reserve a block of time ahead of time. Put it on your calendar before the week craziness starts. It doesn’t have to be long, but it does need to be reserved. It’s important you share this practice with your family. Not just because it may benefit them as well, but more importantly, so that they know you are not going to be available during this time.
  • Make a plan – this is not a nap time or a self care time, you need those too! But this is a time to buckle down and be productive. Whether it’s work, writing, chores or some other task that is either super important or tedious enough it gets neglected but needs to be done. Make a priority list of things to get done during this time.
  • Turn off the noise – put your phone on DND, turn off the TV or radio background noise and maybe even consider a white noisemaker or fan to block out any noisy distractions.
  • Get your supplies – yes, I’m talking about your laptop or cleaning supplies. But FIRST, fix yourself a large glass of lemon water, light a candle, put on some quiet jazz or instrumental music and clean off your workspace of any distractions.
  • Breathe!!! Sit down, but before you dive into to your list, take 5 deep breathes. Clear your mind of everything else. And focus on being right here, right now.
  • Now GO!

For this block of time, it’s you and your mind, you and your goals, you and your work. No noise, no distractions.

This “loneness” may feel odd at first. But I guarantee you will find yourself coming out of it feeling empowered, accomplished and ready to face the world again. And perhaps it will restore your creativity, your energy and your joy as well.

There are lots of resources on sacred time. And whether you use it for growing your business, completing some personal tasks or just tackling things you do not want to do, you will find that setting this time aside is life changing. And very empowering!


If you want to find out more about Sacred Time, check out these resources:

Julie Stoian: Sacred Time + The 100/50/10 System – I love, love, love her!

Wayne Muller: Sabbath – This book is more about self care and setting aside time for that. But the practice is the same and this book is amazing and easy to read. I highly recommend.

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